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Medical Department

    Date:2017-09-19       Data source:Kaohsiung Municipal Chinese Medical Hospital       

    service items:Outpatient service, teaching and training, resident training, community service, medical aid support, research
    Outpatient division is divided into:Internal medicine, Gynecology, Traumatology and Acupuncture Dept.
    Medical department aims to follow the essence of traditional Chinese medicine by using modern medical equipment to provide outpatient services and conduct clinical research for the advancement of humane-based Chinese medicine and life-oriented Chinese herbal therapy. Furthermore, it pursues the finer treatment of various illnesses by upgrading the level of medical treatment and service quality and cooperating with various medical centers and hospitals in the southern areas for combining the best of both Chinese and western medical sciences. It also plans to open a variety of special outpatient services for providing people with more extensive Chinese medicine services.